Ocean Marine Insurance has several different coverage options under its umbrella. The different coverage types include: Ocean Cargo, Marine Liability, Hull Protection and Indemnity, and Builders Risk.

Key Coverage Points About Ocean Marine Insurance

Cargo Coverage

Provides coverage for goods/merchandise in transit.

Marine Liability Coverage

Like General Liability Insurance, this coverage provides Property Damage & Bodily Injury Liability coverage for Terminal Operators, Ship Repairers, Ship Builders, Marine Contractors, and many others.

Hull and P&I Coverage

Coverage protecting the ship owner for damage to the ship, and liability coverage for damage caused by the ship.

Builders Risk Coverage

Coverage protecting the shipyard or ship owner for loss or damage to a ship while under construction.

Common Questions About Ocean Marine Insurance

You need to work with an insurance agent that specializes in Ocean Marine Insurance. They will have a deep understanding of the product and help you obtain a policy to meet your needs. Most agents in this field will solely offer Ocean Marine Insurance services.