Life & Financial Products provide retirement & legacy insurance in the most basic sense. Having a Life & Financial plan for yourself, and your family can change the trajectory of your children’s, and grandchildren’s lives for years to come. Homestead believes that there are two stages in the Life & Financial Planning Cycle. The Present, requires Health, Disability, & Life Insurance to protect your family from unexpected medical costs, loss of income due to injury, sickness, or death. The Future requires Long Term Care, and Annuities to protect your retirement, and ensure a great quality of life in your senior years. Homestead believes in simplifying this process, by putting you and your family in the best possible position financially.

Some Items to Consider When Purchasing Life & Financial Products

Cost & Plan Quality

Homestead recognizes the importance of affordable plans, but this should not sacrifice the quality of your Life & Financial program either. We will be able to build a program to meet your budget, and financial goals.


One of the most important factors that rarely is considered is agency representation. Homestead represents the finest companies that will help you meet your Life & Financial goals.


You will be able work with our agency over the phone, email, text, online, or even the old fashion way face to face.


ife & Financial products change constantly, so it is important that you have an agency that keeps you informed of any changes that would impact your plan positively, or negatively. Our agents also have specialized training on Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care, and Annuities products, to make sure our advice fits your specific needs and goals.


This is the most important part of the client relationship. Dealing with an agent requires accountability on our part. We make sure you understand your options and help you select a plan that fits your needs, not ours. Some insurance agents treat you as a profit or premium, while we cherish our relationships.