Since the announcement this week from Google about venturing in the Auto Insurance market, many of my colleagues and clients wanted to know if I am concerned. I responded with a resounding “No”.

How could I be so confident when Google is one of the largest companies in the world, billions to throw towards this market, and the largest search engine in world? Two words come to mind Promise, and Trust. Google, or any other Direct Insurance Carrier, no matter how much money they invest, cannot sell a promise or trust.

A local insurance agent can sell these two things because their livelihood depends on it. A promise is a guarantee that I will advise a client about the best coverages they should have, be by their side in the event of a claim, and be their advocate if necessary. Do you think in your time of need, that a service center hundreds or thousands miles away will have the same level of concern? No, because you don’t have an identity, you are just a policy number, and a premium.

Trust is earned through the relationship, my clients know that I always have their interests first, not the Insurance Carrier’s, or my own. When you have a great local agent, we are your friends, your confidant, and your advisor. Clients have an identity with a local agent. You can sit across our desks, when you need us the most, and you know we will deliver. This is what the local agent model is built on. If we cannot provide a promise, and gain your trust, we cannot compete with companies like Google.

Google sees you as a profit to satisfy their stockholders, and data that could be potentially mined and sold to other “affiliated” retailers. They are promoting that you can shop multiple carriers, and find the best price.

Most people believe that using a local agent is more expensive than going to a direct carrier. This is also false. You can use a local agent to find a great price, and have access to an experienced agent that will represent you in your time of need.

Google and the Internet did not, and will not kill the local agent.

This competition made us adapt, and become stronger than ever before. So I ask of you, are you ready to place protecting your assets, yourself, and your family in the hands of Google? If not, your local agent will be here with a promise, and ready to earn your trust.