What to Look for When Purchasing Insurance for Breweries & Wineries

All types of Breweries & Wineries will need to have an Insurance policy that covers more than just the traditional liability & property exposures. Finding the right coverage, and carrier will be instrumental for any brewery & winery.

Use A Carrier With An Excellent Loss Control Program

Finding a carrier with a great Loss Control program will keep your workplace safer, and ultimately reduce your premiums, and claims exposure. All carriers that specialize in providing coverage for breweries & wineries, will have industry specific experts to help you manage risk for your business.

Key Insurance Coverage for Breweries & Wineries

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Every policy should include some form of Equipment Breakdown coverage. Costs to fix or replace the equipment could be costly since a time element is usually involved. Most standard policies do not include this coverage, make sure you have this endorsement added to your insurance program.
Coverage Details

Business Income Coverage

This coverage part is vital to every brewery & winery. Whether equipment breaks down, have a fire at your facility, or a supplier fails to deliver the materials/ingredients you need, your business could face a significant loss of income. To properly insure for this risk, have your CFO work with an insurance professional to determine the appropriate limit of coverage needed.
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Winery Specific Coverages

Orchard Vineyard Endorsement protects trees/vines, and harvest up to a policy limit from claims caused by fire, lightning, vehicles, and vandalism. Contamination, Leakage, and other business activities coverage should be considered.

Other Business Activities Coverage

Make sure your policy covers for other business activities such as: event facilities, restaurant, bar, tastings, innkeepers, and factory tours. Be sure to disclose all aspects of your operation to your insurance agent to obtain a policy covering all exposures.

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