What to Look for When Purchasing Insurance for Restaurants

All types of Restaurants will need to have an Insurance policy that covers more than just the traditional liability & property exposures. Finding the right coverage, and carrier will be instrumental for any restaurant owner.

Where Should I Purchase Coverage?

Find a commercial agent that is familiar with insuring restaurants. Typically, they will help identify potential risks, and provide a policy to protect your business.

Key Insurance Coverage for Restaurants

Business Personal Property Coverage

This will include all furniture, cooking, and computer equipment used to run your business. Too often we see clients where they under estimated a coverage amount with a prior agent, and exceed their policy limit from a claim.
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Business Income Coverage

This coverage part is vital to every restaurant. Have a fire at your business that makes you shut down for five months, your business could face significant loss of income. To properly insure for this risk, have your CFO work with an insurance professional to determine the appropriate limit of coverage needed.
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Employee Practices Liability Coverage

This needs to be part of every restaurant’s commercial insurance program. This coverage will provide protection from employee dishonesty, theft, discrimination claims, sexual harassment claims, and wrongful termination claims.
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Cyber Liability Coverage

Restaurants should have Cyber Liability Coverage. This will protect you from claims arising from credit card transactions, unauthorized access to client information, and costs associated with restoring, and protecting your data. Not having this coverage will be a substantial financial loss, and public relations nightmare.
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Spoilage Coverage

A power failure, or equipment failure, could spoil a significant amount food & ingredients. Every restaurant should have some limit of spoilage coverage.
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Liquor Liability Coverage

If you are serving any form of alcohol, this coverage is needed. Liquor Liability coverage will protect you up to your policy limits for an incident resulting from someone getting drunk causing property damage, or bodily injury if your establishment is deemed liable.
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