It seems like every time you turn on the TV, YouTube, or look at Social Media you are being bombarded with Ads about buying Auto Insurance. All of these companies claim they have the best coverage or have the lowest price. So how do you see through all the clutter to make the right choice? Here are some quick facts about Buying Auto Insurance to help make this process easy for you.

Should I Buy Direct, Online, Or through an Insurance Agent?

What a lot of Online and Direct Insurance companies want you to believe is by using an Insurance Agent you will pay more. This is not true! When buying Auto Insurance, you should contact an Insurance Agent. They typically have access to multiple carriers so they can find you the best rate, and save you from wasting your time contacting numerous companies.

Does It Matter Where I Buy Auto Insurance? Aren’t All Insurance Companies The Same?

This is another misconception people have when Buying Auto Insurance. Each Insurance company has their version of an Auto Insurance policy. Some will have exclusions in the policy that others won’t have. This could lead to a potential Auto Insurance claim not getting paid based on an exclusion in your Auto policy that you were never informed about. That’s what makes Buying Auto Insurance through an Insurance Agent important. They can help you navigate through these exclusions, and help you understand them.

Should I Just Go For The Cheapest Price?

In most cases, cheapest is not the best. You want to understand first what Auto Insurance coverages are important to you. Then you can build a program that fills that need. Sometimes this could end up being the cheapest. Just don’t fall into the trap of requesting “Just give me the cheapest Auto Insurance”. Asking for the cheapest without being educated about the coverage usually leads to coverage gaps, and denied Insurance claims down the road.

What Auto Insurance Coverage Should I Buy?

I’m going to make this simple. Make sure you have the right amount of Liability Insurance. This is the most critical decision you can make when Buying Auto Insurance. Liability Insurance protects you from someone else in an auto accident. If you have a low limit of Liability Insurance, you could face a lawsuit if the claim exceeds your coverage limits. You can purchase a higher amount of Liability Insurance coverage for just a few extra bucks a month. Most Direct and Online Insurance companies will automatically quote you the minimum Liability Limits, so you need to watch out for this, or I recommend using an Insurance Agent.

Final Thoughts About How To Buy Auto Insurance

In closing, you can buy Auto Insurance anywhere. However, if you want someone to have your best interests in mind, you need an Insurance Agent. Direct & Online Carriers, build their businesses on premiums, while Insurance Agents build their businesses on relationships.