What to Look for When Purchasing Insurance for Trucking Operations

All types of Trucking Operations will need to have an Insurance policy that covers more than just the traditional liability exposures. Finding the right coverage, and carrier will be instrumental for any trucking operation.

Review Your Mileage Records Annually With Your Agent

You should review your mileage records annually to verify you are not overpaying for your insurance. Again Business Auto, Liability, and Cargo Insurance policies are rated primarily on mileage.

Establish A Drug Testing & Safety Program

Doing this will reduce risk, and ultimately your insurance premiums. Most carriers will provide discounts up to 10% if you utilize these programs in your business.

Where Should I Purchase Coverage?

Find a commercial agent that is familiar with insuring trucking operations. Typically, they will help identify potential risks, and provide a policy to protect your business.

Key Insurance Coverage for Trucking

Cargo Insurance Coverage

This is the primary form of coverage for every trucking risk. Make sure your policy includes mechanical breakdown (for refrigeration units) pollution & debris cleanup, and trailer interchange coverage if you don’t own the trailer. This policy should be reviewed annually to adjust the goods being hauled, and radius of operation if needed. These are the main driving factors of Cargo Insurance premiums.
Coverage Details

Loss Of Income Due to Downtime Coverage

Important, and overlooked coverage for every trucking risk. This will provide loss of income while a truck is out of service due to a claim. Most trucking claims could take a month to settle, so this coverage may be needed if you do not have a substitute vehicle.
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