What to Look for When Purchasing Equine Insurance

Equine Insurance provides coverage for breeders, boarders, trainers, transporters, events/shows, and individual horse owners as well. Whether you need liability insurance for your recreational trail riding business, or mortality insurance for your most prized horse, Homestead Insurance Group will have you covered.

Why You Would Need Equine Insurance

It does not matter if you own a business involving horses, or if you just ride for personal reasons, you will need a form of Equine Insurance. Business owners not only have to worry about their exposure to Liability claims from riders on the property, but also claims resulting from injuries to horses while in their care. If you are not properly covered you can face a serious financial obligation, and possibly be put out of business.

What Is Covered

This really depends on the type of policy you are looking for. In general terms, businesses will have Liability Insurance for riders on premises, and care, custody, and control coverage for the horses they care for. An individual will purchase coverage to protect them from potential medical costs or death of their horse.

What Does Equine Insurance Cost

This will depend on the type of policy needed, and the size of the risk. Horse boarding operations will cost significantly less than a facility providing care for race horses. Individual mortality policies will depend on the breed, lineage, and value of the horse.

Where to Purchase Equine Insurance

We suggest purchasing this coverage from a local insurance agent specializing in farm/equine risks. You will want to work with an experienced agent since you don’t want to have a gap in coverage. These agents often have access to carriers offering great coverage options, for a fair price.

Key Insurance Coverage for Equine Insurance

Care Custody & Control

This is important for boarding operations. This coverage will protect you up to the policy limits if a horse is injured, or dies while in your care.

Professional Liability

If you are providing any riding lessons, you will need this coverage. This will protect you from any false or warranted breach of professional duty.
Coverage Details

Property of Others

If you are storing riding gear, saddles, or other equipment belonging to your client, you will need this coverage. This coverage will protect you up to the policy limit for the loss of your client’s items while in your care.
Coverage Details

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