Cargo Insurance simply provides coverage for goods being transported by land, sea, or air. Coverage can be provided by the owner of the goods, or the business contracted to transport the goods.

Key Points Regarding Cargo Insurance

What is covered under this policy?

The most basic Cargo policy will provide coverage for the items being transported up to the policy limits. Some optional coverage we suggest having are: Pollution Cleanup, Loading & Unloading, and Terminal Coverage. Based on your business type, a policy can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

What Limits Should I Have?

Some insurance carriers will offer a per load policy, or an annual policy with a blanket limit. If you go with an annual policy, make sure you purchase enough coverage to cover whatever you max load value would be.

Is Cargo Insurance Expensive?

This depends on the goods being transported, the transportation routes used, and coverage limit needed. Small policies with a $50,000 limit start out at $800 a year, and will increase based on the above-mentioned factors.

Whom Should I Purchase Cargo Insurance From?

Find an insurance agent that has experience with transportation risks. They will usually have access to carriers that less experienced agents do not. Access to carriers that specialize in Cargo Insurance usually provides a great opportunity to purchase a policy with excellent coverage at a fair price.