Personal Umbrella Insurance is an important part of packaging your Property & Auto Insurance together.  Personal Umbrella simply provides an extra layer of Liability Insurance in addition to your Auto, and Property Liability limits. Having this policy will protect your assets from a serious auto accident, or property liability claim.

Why Personal Umbrella Insurance Should be Part of Your Insurance Program

Personal Umbrella Insurance is affordable

Adding this coverage is a low-cost solution to provide an extra layer of protection for your personal insurance plan. Typically, this policy can be purchased for less than one dollar a day.

You may Need Additional Coverage

Your Auto, Property, Boat, and Motorcycle liability limits usually do not exceed 300,000. In the event of a large claim, you could exhaust your coverage, leaving you to face a lawsuit.

Liability Limits Available

Personal Umbrella Insurance has several different levels of Liability to choose from. The most common are 1,000,0000 but could go up to 10,000,000 depending each individual’s need.

What Limits Should You Choose

This is a question that you need to discuss with your insurance agent. Individuals with valuable assets, high-income earners and households with teenage drivers, generally should have a higher Personal Umbrella Limit.